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The easy to handle, lightweight and uncomplicated
hand-held welding torch for the tarpaulin industry.


Product description:

  • This device is only equipped with one fixed heating stage with additional cold stage and can thus be considered an economic tarpaulin welding device for car upholsterers.
  • The tarpaulin processor is able to weld his PVC material at a constant heat output and in addition enjoys all the benefits of professional and fatigue-free welding thanks to the device’s ergonomic handle and the familiar industrial quality.
  • As on all FORSTHOFF hand-held welding torches with integrated fan, the commutator carbons on model Robust-L are easy to replace from the outside, without having to open the device.
  • This device also offers the new feature of carbon brushes with safety lock. When the carbons are used up, the motor stops to avoid damage to the commutator and consequently repair costs.
  • The device’s heat output is adapted to the 20 mm or 40 mm wide slip-on nozzles required by the tarpaulin manufacturer.
  • The hot-air welding device Robust-L with accessories for welding tarpaulin materials.

Areas of application:

Car upholsterers, Tent manufacturers, Manufacturers of advertising tarpaulins, Tarpaulin manufacturers, Canvas covers

Technical specifications
 Nominal voltage range
 Frequency range
 W  900/1500
Output temperature
 0C Temperature Adjustable maximum output
 Noise emition level
Protection class
  II/gggg (double insulation)
 Weight kg
1,2 with mains connection lead
 Item No.

INFO ROBUST.pdf (179kB)